Barnabás Dukay – Márta Ábrahám

Excerpts from Eternity

 The Purification of Time and Character, the Fulfilment of Love and Cooperation with the Celestial Will in Johann Sebastian Bach’s Ciaccona for Violin.

The publication contains a book with a full analysis of the Chaconne BWV 1004 by Johann Sebastian Bach, together with a CD recording. The book investigates the anatomy of the structure of the Chaconne based on 64 variations, exploring the essential context of its external and internal forms and proportions.
This publication is unique not only because it is the first complete and fruitful analysis of this very famous piece worldwide. Besides the detailed analysis, the study reveals a hidden special code, that have been undiscovered for 300 years.

The authors are both professors of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Barnabás Dukay is a composer and musicologist, Márta Ábrahám is a violinist.
This educational material is highly recommended for violin, viola, cello and guitar players, organists, composers, musicologists. An indispensable tool for teachers and students, and for everyone who is interested and curious to learn about the art of Johann Sebastian Bach. The book gives answers to theoretical as well as performing-practice questions. This book, illustrated with 130 music examples, contains the score of the Chaconne presented as a map and the CD recording of the whole D minor Partita BWV 1004 is also included. The interpretation of Márta Ábrahám does not follow the traditional patterns, her ascertainments are the result of contemplative analysis.  Dukay and Ábrahám’s book opens a new chapter not only in the interpretation of the Chaconne, but in the approach to Bach’s other solo violin works as well. The publication fills a gap in the international musicological literature on Bach.

Title: Excerpts from Eternity
Authors: Barnabás Dukay and Márta Ábrahám
Category: music analysis, educational material
Page: 148
Knitting: Threaded, hardcover
ISBN 978-963-12-8865-0
Publisher: BioBach-Music Book-and Music Publishing L.P.

The book is delevered together with 1 CD attachment: Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita Nr. 2. D minor, Márta Ábrahám, violin (39 minutes)

The highly recommended 2nd attachment the poszter of sheet music (201 x 61 cm) can be ordered apart.


Closed item
Table of Contents

Table of Contents 5
Foreword 7
Introduction 9

„Funeral Music” 9
Intervals 10
Heptatonic Scales 11
Heptatonia Prima 12
Heptatonia Secunda 12
Heptatonia Tertia 13
Linear Musical Units, Their Inversions 14
The Golden Ratio 15
Bach’s Compositional Procedure 16
On the Editions of His Music 18
The Performance Manner os Dances 19

I. VIEWPOINTS – The foundations 21

1. Structure 21
2. The Start of the Movement as a Variation 22
3. Theme 22
4. Variants of the Theme (Chaconne Basses) 22

DIATONIC minor bass 22
DIATONIC major bass 23
Bass with THIRD-SIXTH 24

5. Special Treatment of the Theme 26
6. Inner Forms 26
7. Quotations 26
8. The Architecture of the Partita – Proportio 26
9. Tempi 27
10. Performance 28
11. Time-Rhythm 28
12. The Ratio 2 : 1 – 1 : 2 28
13. Scales 29
14. Conjunctio 29

II. Outer and Inner Forms and Proportion 30

The First Part of the Overall Form 30

Variations 1–6 30
Variations 7–12 31
Variations 13–19 32
Variations 20–21 34
Variations 22–31 35
Variations 32–33 37
Consummatio – Variations 1–33 38

The Second Part of the Overall Form 40

Praeambulum 40
Variations 34–40 41
Variations 41–46 42
Variations 47–52 44
Consummatio – Variations 34–52 45

The Third Part of the Overall Form 46

Praeambulum 46
Variations 53–54 46
Variation 55 47
Variations 56–57 48
Variations 58–59–60 48
Variations 61–62 49
Variations 63–64 49
Consummatio – Variations 53–64 51

Death and Time 53

III. More Detailed Analyses 63

Separate Analysis of the 33 Formal Units 63
Epilogue 143
List of Examples 144
List of Illustrations 148