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Our publisher offers the unusually displayed sheet music and analysis of Johann Sebastian Bach’s three fugues and the Chaconne for solo violin, published by composer Barnabás Dukay and violinist Márta Ábrahám. The essence of their special method of analysis lies in the visual approach of the works.They are both professors of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest, Hungary.

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Excerpts from Eternity

The publication contains a book with a full analysis of the Chaconne BWV 1004 by Johann Sebastian Bach, together with a CD recording.

Violin Fugue in G minor

This publication is the second of the complete special edition by BioBach-Music Book and Music Publishing L. P. which contains Johann Sebastian Bach’s …

Chaconne - Sheet Music

The publication of this practising score is the result of the desire to provide violinists with a score which gives a clear insight into the structure…

„A new approach to Bach’s solo violin works has been revealed.”
Gabriella Bokor – www.papageno.hu

“Excerpts from Eternity is an enormously detailed analytical study which I found fascinating to read. The book illuminates beautifully both the great complexity of Bach’s compositional work and the unparalleled elegance of his musical language.”
Christoph Wolff – Harvard University Department of Music,
Adams University Professor, Emeritus 

“The book ‘Excerpts from Eternity’ by Barnabás Dukay and Márta Ábrahám is a fascinating reading from beginning to the end and it leads the reader toward the central order of unification.”
Dr. Salamon Kamp – president of Hungarian Bach Society 

“Amazing book, research and presentation! This is a reference book, reading material for life. I will definitely return to it, discovering further layers of this masterpiece. Bravi!!!”
Hagai Shaham violinist, professor of Tel Aviv University

„The text seems … like a lamplight suddenly falling onto a cathedral built from notes it leads us towards an understanding of its substance.
Fülöp Ránki – pianist

„In their writing they point out not only musical but also art-historical points of interest and discoveries.”
Gabriella Bokor www.papageno.hu

“Barnabás Dukay and Márta Ábrahám carried out an exciting analysis in their book which resulted in an impressive dissertation which is quite innovative by international standards too.”
Zoltán Péter –  www.kortarsonline.hu

“… Engem mindenek előtt a fejtegetések spirituális jellege fogott meg (annyi egyéb, okoskodó, papírszagú, öncélú elemzés és zenetörténeti okfejtés után), vagyis a nagy mű – amelyet Bach első felesége halálán érzett megrendülésből komponált – lényege. A szerzőknek sikerül a Ciaconna több éves, alázatos nyomon követése után közelebb hozni a felfoghatatlant, Johann Sebastian Bachot, akinek megadatott, hogy emberként belelásson Isten országába. Most egy kulcslyuknyi nekünk is jut belőle. Feltétlenül ajánlom mindazoknak, akik aktív zenészként vagy befogadóként ezt az élményt keresik.”
Batta András – zenetörténész, egyetemi tanár

„The recording of Márta Ábrahám’s performance of the Partita provides a great resource for reading the notes of the music in a „multidimensional” way.”
Katalin Fittler –  www.gramofon.hu