The essence of the new method of analysis colourfulBACH lies in the visual approach of the works. The coloured sheet music of the fugues for violin shows the peculiar structure of these works in such a way that the individual voices appear separated and highlighted by colored notes.
The system of the various musical materials (themes, contrast subjects and obstructions) differentiated in this way beautifully illuminates the structure of these works, and the hierarchical arrangement of the parts. It shows the internal relations and proportions between the parts, clearly highlighting Bach’s principle of compositional directing. By recognizing the composer’s intentions, the architecture of these works becomes simple and traceable.

Based on Márta Ábrahám’s teaching experience at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Budapest, visual interpretation greatly facilitates the development of inner hearing. The new method offers violin teachers and students the opportunity for analytical and intellectual work, before developing the performer’s concept.
It can open up new perspectives for Bach analizers and researchers. An indispensable tool from a 300-year perspective!