Bach Chaconne – Sheet music



J. S. Bach Ciaccona (BWV 1004)

edited by Barnabás Dukay and Márta Ábrahám

BWV 1004 – The publication of this educational sheet music is the result of the desire to provide  violinists with a score which gives a clear insight into the structure of the Ciaccona, and  the construction of the large form which results from this structure. The score is based on the autograph and the urtext edition.

BWV 1004

The piece consists of 64 sections of four bars, and we have regarded the sections as  variations. The variations appear in formal units consisting of  one, two or three variations. There are: 5 single variations, 25 double variations, 3 triple variations, altogether 33 formal units.

The two parts containing arpeggios (23-31. and 51-52.) are published in a written out form. Our approach dispenses with  tradition and is rooted  in a consideration of the work as a whole. In the case of the variations with arpeggios we took into account the changes in the number of voices and the situation of the rhythmic span of the overall form.

In editing the score we strove to synchronize of the bars, trying to render them of equal length in each line. Thus the note values of each bar appear exactly above and below each other, as in an orchestral score. We only dispensed with this when the excessive number of notes falling on one beat made the reading of the score problematic.

Publisher: BioBach-Music Kotta és Zeneműkiadó Bt.

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