Season 2019/20 Every Monday at 17:00-19:00

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, 1064 Budapest Vörösmarty utca 35.

Tutors: Márta Ábrahám and Barnabás Dukay

J. S. Bach’s works for solo violin and solo cello are the cornerstones of the string player’s repertoire. The 3 violin fugues and 1 cello fugue, and the Ciaccona’s requires thorough structural and motivic examination. It can not be done within the framework of the violin lesson or the music theory lesson, because it is time-consuming. Therefore it is necessary  to primarly  study and understand the rules of constructing a fugue, the use of polyphonic particle, harmonic plans, the composer techniques, etc.before learning the pieces on the instrument.

The one year course with the authors of the book Excerpts from Eternity  provides a deep analysis throughout the C-major Fugue BWV 1005, including theoretical as well as instrumental – violinist education.

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